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Ashes is a video game project made by 5 potatoes

 - erm, belgian students - 

The story is about Joe, an herborist that has the ability to control plants. The world is being corrupted by ashes and Joe, thanks to his knowledge of plants, will explore the world to heal it.

For this first part of the game, you'll have to defeat ashes monsters and reach the final boss. For the moment Joe can only build plants bridges.

Have fun, enjoy & ... Thanks !


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This was a pretty cool demo! It took me a while to figure out how to play, but once I read the comments and realized that I missed the readme file, it was a blast! I was kinda hoping to get to fight the old guy at the end, but that's ok. I liked the variety of enemies, especially being able to hit the projectiles back at the plants. And when the big ash monster appeared, I thought it was the end of the game (lol I got scared), until I saw that there were two more and I figured out how to beat them. Overall gameplay was smooth, although I ran into a framerate issue when returning to the menu and starting the game again - restarting the whole game fixed it. But anyway, thank you again for this demo, I enjoyed it!

what are the keyboard controls?

Hi :)
They're in the ReadMe file :)

Well, you did it. You created a game that is practically perfect for me. Ashes covers all the bases. From the adventurous music that makes you feel like you're out to save the day, to the awesome art design, having 2D elements in a 3D world, there really isn't anything I don't like about this game. The combat, while simple punching right now, works really well, and I enjoyed being able to knock back projectiles.  From there, having the ability to needlessly smash objects just because I can is always good fun. The camera work is also pretty nice, as I love being able to see what's in the distance, rather than being zoomed in on the hero like many games do. Overall, this is good stuff.

Great job on this, you talented potatoes. Keep up the good work.

Hi !
And thank you !
Well I watched the entire video and that was pretty cool ! (You didn't notice but, if you maintain the hit button you've got an Aoe smash hehe)

Also, thank you for your comment, it's heart warming. 

About the story, Ashes, like you mentionned, corrupt everything. The Boss chief abandonned his village because he had to sell it and ran away from his responsibilites. This village, you'll find it before the level from the demo. And about the ruins, the world is rebuilding on ancients civilisations constructions (More modern).  I hope I answered your questions !

Thanks again !

Mary ~

Played through this on my channel, absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see more done with this.

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Thank you again :3

Mary ~

So I'm kind of in love with this art style, the 2d sprites mixed in with some 3d objects in a 3d environment is a really cool look! The music was pretty great as well. And while there wasn't a huge amount of enemy variety or combat options, the game was short enough that they didn't get stale. Understanding that this is a kind of preview, it'd be really cool to see where the mechanics and story end up going after this teaser.

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Wow Thanks for playing ! 

I've watched the entire video and that's a pretty good review ahah, thanks ! Well in fact we're 4 belgians students + 1 quebecois. And that's what we made in 5 months~~ as a school project. Some will be slowly adding stuff in it, I guess but we're all taking another path.

And for the flowers, you can hit their projectiles back ! And kill them with it ahah

Btw, thank you for your comments, it was super kind and full of motivation ! ^^

Mary ~